Friday, August 7, 2009

I have decided

that I want to be a literature professor. Too bad this means that I would need to get another bachelor's degree, then a masters, then a doctorate...

But, how fun is it that I decided, on a whim to read Don Quixote and The Idiot at the same time, and I did not even realize that, not only are they parallel in subject matter, but The Idiot seems to be directly inspired by Don Quixote, and open about this within the text. In addition, who knew that Don Quixote was a shining example of meta-fiction, which I thought was a 20th century literary form (form isn't the right word...formlessness is better).

And, I don't get to have a captive audience to discuss this with.

Maybe I'll make a dance about it instead.

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HOLLA(R) said...

Don Quixote is one of the most important books ever for modern fiction (Also, it is endlessly repetitive after the first 200 pages or so, except for when Cervantes stops to invent an entirely new literary genre). Glad you read its greatness. I'll have to move The Idiot up on my reading list.