Monday, September 14, 2009

Explorational Musings to Inspire Movement

I pulled these notes from my journal today to share with Steph to help us generate both movement ideas and larger, conceptual, project ideas:

Small space
New Hampshire
Sense of Place
Community (small scale)
Community (large scale)
Identity à personal style
Who am I as a mover?
Who am I in this place?
Who am I in relation to dance?
Who am I in relation to the other dancers in the space?
Community à Communication
Verbal, physical, touch, visual, via the internet
Via the internet, information distributes itself in clusters which spread exponentially (I drew some diagrams\schematics)


“Dance is movement in space and time.”
Life is movement through “place” and time.
What is the significance of the place I live in, and my personal history? How does my relationship to dance change in this place as opposed to another?