Thursday, December 18, 2008

Press Release!

For Immediate Release
Contact: Sonia Synkowski, Press Coordinator
217-816-3672 cell
.Singing the Body Electric. on January 15th and 16th: Local Choreographers pair up
to present new and innovative dance works
.Singing the Body Electric. will feature new work from local choreographers Reggie Cole, Cindi
L.Abbe, Sonia Synkowski and Stacey Tytler. Each choreographer will present their vision of the limitless
potential of the body through dance. .Singing the Body Electric. will be presented at the Creative Alliance at
the Patterson located at 3134 Eastern Ave in Highlandtown. Performances will be on Thursday, January 15th at
7:30pm and Friday, January 16th at 8:00pm.
What do you get when you bring together four distinct choreographic voices for one evening of dance?
As a result, each choreographer is able to showcase their talents through the electrified bodies on stage and
provide an entertaining, innovative evening of professional dance. Representing the wide spectrum of
modern dance, each choreographer is able to express an inspired theme through movement, such as migration,
insomnia, and perspective shifts.
Cindi L’Abbe has danced and choreographed for Flow Dance Company of Brattleboro, Vermont before
moving to Baltimore where she has shared her unique perspective through performances at Johns Hopkins
University and Experimental Movement Concepts in Hampden. Co-Director of The Collective in Baltimore,
Sonia Synkowski is constantly pushing the boundaries of dance, both with The Collective and in her own
work. Reggie Cole has danced and choreographed with CityDance Ensemble, Edgeworks Dance Theater and
Contradiction Dance, as well as choreographing throughout the D.C. area and performing solo work both
regionally and internationally. Stacey Tytler continues to create meaningful expressions of the body as she
choreographs regionally and also performs with Jane Franklin Dance in Arlington, VA.
These four choreographers will come together for a two evening engagement at the Creative Alliance.
The performance will feature professional dancers from the Baltimore and DC area as well as original musical
compositions by Shane Bordeau, Ljiljana Jovanovic, Keith Kramer, and David Ross and with live musical
accompaniment. .Singing the Body Electric. is the perfect performance to electrify the audience and jump
start the 2009 dance scene in Baltimore.
Tickets are $12/adults or $10/students & members on Thursday, January 15th. Tickets are $15/adults
or $12/students & members on Friday, January 16th. Tickets can be reserved by calling 410.276.1651 or
visiting Performances are at 7:30pm on January 15th and 8:00pm on January 16th. .

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