Monday, September 8, 2008

Rehearsal/Class 9/7/08

I really had a fantastic time working with everyone yesterday. At the beginning of the class all of the dancers free-wrote on the topic: I'm a message in a bottle. What do I say? We shared our responses with eachother and they ranged from optimistic and positive messages to warnings to live the life you want to live. It was really useful to me to find these things out about the dancers, because their message is what Duet will be about for them as they dance it (regardless of the movement that I put on them). It works for me that there is so much variation with the message, because of the many layers that will add to the performance. We talked about using that message as the impetus for movement and we'll continue to work on that in rehearsal.

It was so fun to teach a dance class again. We worked really hard and I led a class with lots of floor work, inversions and jumping. It was good to see where our technique was and also to start getting the strength and endurance that's needed to dance in my works.

I also really appreciated seeing how the dancers moved---they each bring something special to the project and I look forward to getting to know them all better. I really missed Andrea though while we were dancing! She should be here with us!

At the end of class we did a short Authentic Movement practice to help clarify the act of moving from internal motivation---it was a nice way to develop the camaraderie of the group as well as cool down from all the strenuous dancing.

This weekend I'm going to NYC to get some inspiration and take a break for a little while---In the mean time, Karen and I will be rehearsing Wake Me When It's Over---a new work (trio) on Wednesday night. Our last rehearsal together brought out a lot of new ideas and I hope to have at least a skeleton of each section of the piece done on Wednesday. Soon we'll be videotaping for Andrea to work on elements of the piece for when she gets back!

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